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  1. After receiving the list of Equipment, Glassware and Chemicals from HOD, it will be forwarded to the convener for processing.

  2. The convener and members of the committee call for the meeting with the head of concerned department and finalize the requirement of the equipment, chemicals, glassware and consumables submitted by the Lab-in-charge of the concerned department.

  3. The process of finalization of the requirement may be subject to following conditions:

    • Requirement recommended by University

    • The existing conditions of the labs

    • Procurement of the requirement in phased manner.

  4.  After finalization, subject to a availability of funds with the management, the committee shall call for quotations.

  5. Concerned department members prepare the comparative statement of quotations and the committe will negotiate with the supplier.

  6. After negotiation, the purchase order will be given to the parties after obtaining necessary permission from the management. The head of the department receives the items in the presence of convener from the supplier. This supplied will be verified as per the order placed with the supplier.

  7.  The Convener & Head of the Department should take the responsibility of entering of the received items in the stock register. The members of the committee will assist in this regard.

  8. After verification the bills will be forwarded to the Director's office for payment.

  9. The Committee shall take-up the assignments delegated by Director.

1Prof. S. Sanyasi RajuDirectorChairman
2Sri K Hari KrishnaAsst. Prof. in MCAConvenor
3Sri A D Naveen KumarAsst. Prof. in BiochemistryMember
4Sri M V S Srinivasa RaoAssociate Professor in MBAMember
5Smt. A Vijaya DurgaAsst. Prof in MicrobiologyMember
6Sri Ch Anil KumarHOD/MicrobiologyEx-Officio
7Prof. P S Subba RaoHOD/MBA & MHRMEx-Officio