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  1. The committee shall verify the books requirements submitted by the heads of the departments with the available stock as per the norms of AICTE and Andhra University.
  2. The committee physically verify the stock once in a year.
  3. The committee shall verify the bills and the new stock arrived and forwards the bills to the director's office for payment.
  4. Any other issue for improvement of LIbrary facilities.

1Prof. S. Sanyasi RajuDirectorChairman
2Sri V S K VarmaAsst. Prof. in MBAMember
3Prof. S Nana RaoProf. in PhysicsMember
4Prof. P PrasadHOD/EnglishMember
5Prof. B Srirama MurthyHOD/ChemistryMember
6Smt. M S Kamala KumariAsst. Prof. in EnglishMember
7Sri M V S Mahesh KumarAsst. Prof. in BiochemistryMember
8K RamuII Social Work (Student)Member
9V SujithaIII MCAMember
10M RevathiII MBAMember
11P Shiva KumarII Organic ChemistryMember
12P AshokII BiotechnologyMember
13Y Appala NaiduII EnglishMember