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Department of History

The P.G. Department in history came in to existence in 1987 with the affiliation from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and with the recognition orders of A.P. government vide Go. No. 485. Further it is note worthy to mention it had also permanent affiliation in 1996-97 and U.G.C. recognition under 2f., 12b.

The department had a long history nearly 23 years with a phenomenal academic growth the period is unique with many sided academic activities aiming at qualitative inputs and marked development in infrastructure etc.

The department has a multiplicity of functions, which are teaching and research. Teaching is aimed at modern methods of teaching like discussions, seminars and thus aim at originality of the students rather than cramming. The character of teaching thus stimulate curiosity and everlasting interest in the subject.

The faculty of department have to its credit research funded by U.G.C, apart from acquisition of Ph.D, MPhil and Med degrees, research guidance leading to Ph.D is a unique feature of the department. The extension activity of the faculty is an note-worthy aspect as almost all the faculty attended seminars, workshops, orientation courses besides refresher courses.

The faculty had to their credit in publication of papers, and books by note-worthy organizations at national and state level.

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