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  1. Silence should be observed in the library, reading room and its premises.
  2. Every student on joining the college is ipso facto a member of the general library and should honor the dignity and decorum of the library and its premises and obey rules prescribed there to.
  3. Every student should show his identity card on demand in the library.
  4. All members should affix their signature in the register, provided at the entrance of the library, fill the proforma there in.
  5. On joining, every bonafied student will be issued FIVE borrower’s tickets which are not transferable. If found abused, the tickets shall be cancelled immediately. Loss of tickets shall be reported to the librarian immediately and the student is responsible for abuse of such lost tickets. Duplicates tickets will be issued only on production of valid fee challan and two passport size recent photographs of the student. A borrower’s book will also be given to the student, in which he should fill all his particulars and details of the book to be borrowed. The borrower’s book and ticket will be retained in the library, after the use of a book.
  6. Every student member can borrow FIVE books from loan section of the library and can keep them for a maximum period of fifteen days(inclusive of intervening holidays if any) , after which it should be returned to the library. However it may be reissued to the student at the discretion of librarian, if there is no demand from any other student. The book thus issued can be returned for a further period of fifteen days, subject to to the condition that it should be returned at any time on request from the librarian.
  7. A borrower failing to return the book in the stipulated period is liable for a fine of One rupee per day, and should be paid at the time return, lest books shall not be issued further. Habitual offenders may not be issued books at all. Students shall return all books before the end of the academic year or on notice from the Director/Librarian, which ever is earlier. If a book is lost ,the borrower should replace the book with the permission of the librarian or pay cost of the book and fine as fixed by the librarian. The decision of the librarian is final in this matter.
  8. Students can borrow books during examination on DEPOSIT BASIS. The price as fixed by librarian shall be deposited for retaining book during examination, which should be returned immediately after the last of the examination, lest fine should levied, as per rules.
  9. If the day of return is holiday to the library, the book(s) can be returned on the next day without fine.
  10. Absence or illness is not valid reason for the return of books in due time.
  11. Certain books of popular demand or with less number of copies can be called back by librarian and issued for shorter period at his discretion. The librarian reserves the right to recall the book at any time in the interest of students in general.
  12. While borrowing a book from library the student should check it at the counter and bring defects or abuses to the notice at the time of issue only. Otherwise the borrower will be responsible for the defects.
  13. No book shall be issued to a student from the REFERENCE SECTION. However, students can use reference books to study in the library hall and return the same, when they leave the library.
  14. The borrower is held responsible for the safe custody of the book and shall pay compensation and fine including replacement of the book as stipulated by the librarian for loss, damage, mutilation or abuse.
  15. Library books should not be marked with pen or pencil. Students are forbidden to tamper date slip, accession number etc., and cause inconvenience to the library management.
  16. Student or staff member is forbidden to bring any printed material into the library.
  17. Members of staff are also eligible to borrow books with separate rules framed for them. However, they should return all books before they leave the institution and obtain no due certificate for obtaining relieving certificate and last salary.
  18. Students should produce ‘no due certificate from library to college office for issue of their transfer and other certificates at the time of leaving the college or at the end of an academic year.
  19. A bonafied student can request the librarian to reserve a particular title, which is in issue. The book will be kept reserved for a maximum of two working days only, during which he should avail the facility.
  20. The periodicals of the reading room are a property of the library and current periodicals can only be used in the Reading Room and be replaced to its original position specially marked for the same.
  21. The students and staff are allowed to borrow the back numbers of the periodicals on the same rules as prescribed earlier for general/text books for a period of seven days only.
  22. Students should not misplace books and journals in the library and reading room and cause inconvenience to users.
  23. Smoking or use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in the library.
  24. All students and staff should leave their belongings/printed materials out side the library. Only note books are permitted into the library.
  25. All members should behave properly towards library staff and be obedient to their directives regarding proper maintenance of library. They can report complaints to the librarian and seek assistance in solving problems relating to the library and decision of librarian on the spot is final.
  26. The Library and Reading Room are under the command, control and administration of the Director.
  27. The management of the library reserves the right to make modification to the present rules and such changes will be displayed on the notice board.

                                                                                                                                            Prof. S. Sanyasi Raju