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Brief History of the Department

The P.G. Department in history came in to existence in 1987 with the affiliation from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam and with the recognition orders of A.P. government vide Go. No. 485. Further it is note worthy to mention it had also permanent affiliation in 1996-97 and U.G.C. recognition under 2f., 12b.

The department had a long history nearly 23 years with a phenomenal academic growth the period is unique with many sided academic activities aiming at qualitative inputs and marked development in infrastructure etc.,

The department has a multiplicity of functions, which are teaching and research. Teaching is aimed at modern methods of teaching like discussions, seminars and thus aim at originality of the students rather than cramming. The character of teaching thus stimulate curiosity and everlasting interest in the subject.

The faculty of department have to its credit research funded by U.G.C, apart from acquisition of Ph.D, MPhil and Med degrees, research guidance leading to Ph.D is a unique feature of the department. The extension activity of the faculty is an note-worthy aspect as almost all the faculty attended seminars, workshops, orientation courses besides refresher courses.

The faculty had to their credit in publication of papers, and books by note-worthy organizations at national and state level.

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NAME: Rudrabhatla Sai Kumar

Designation: HOD & Sr Assistant Professor

Qualification:MA(History), M.Phil.(History), M.Phil(Education), M.Ed., Ph.D.

Date of Joining:08-12-1992

Contact No: +91 9849 711 857

Email ID:


1 History of Ancient India upto 1000AD  1 Society Economy and Culture of Ancient India 
2 Polity, Economy of Medieval India 1206-1707 AD  2 Society and Culture of Medivial India (1206-1707) 
3 History of USA (1776-1945)  3 History of Modern India (1757-1857 AD) 
4 History of Andhra upto 1336 AD  4 History of Vijayanagara (1336-1565 AD) 
5 History of Europe (1789-1919)  5 History of Modern Japan (1840-1951 AD) 
1 Twentieth Century World Since 1919  1 History of Freedom Movement (1857-1947 AD) 
2 History of Modern China (1840-1960 AD)  2 Contemporary History of India since 1947 
3 History of Modern India (1858-1947 AD)  3 Archival Studies 
4 Historical Method  4 Historiography 
5 Tourism Theory & Application  5 History of Modern Andhra (1746-1956 AD)


Physical inputs and development of audio visual equipment and Library:

The department is able to improve the quality of instruction with the help of OHP and Computer the physical inputs include a decent Seminar Hall, Class rooms and above all a well equipped with library. The library is an asset for both faculty and students to keep abreast latest knowledge. Department Library:

The Library besides providing latest text books, reference books, Journals in history, it is used as a channel for tutorial system for backward students. The library is an important center of attraction of the department. The library consists of multiple copies of text books, which are lent to students. Thus the reading habit is cultivated in every possible way among students and faculty.

  • It is important to note that the Semester System along with University Public Examinations is introduced. The students work hard and secure decent results with the help of faculty and library. They enjoy the historical tours and the department is planning to coordinate the academic work in collaboration with related departments like tourism and archaeology etc.,

  • Every year since the establishment of Department, the student's secured first classes and in one year Mr.K.Madhu Babu of 1991 batch stood first all Andhra University Department and won a Gold Medal.

Admissions Procedure as per AUCET which was conducted by Andhrauniversity, Visakhapatnam


  • In the Placement of students, it is to note that about 95% of the students over all these years were appointed in different organizations. For better placement of students the department introduced Tourism in the curriculum.
  • It is an encouraging phenomenon for the department that the students are adequately placed in teaching position and other category of Jobs. Most of the students got placement as Junior College lecturers and Degree College lectures most of the students are pursuing research in the Universities for their M.Phil and Ph.D. Degrees and some of them acquired M.Phil and Ph.D. Degrees, in different Universities in India - though distance mode, part time / full - time courses.


In addition it is planned to integrate the course with the skills of software and also planning to conduct workshops to improve the communication skills in English. Thus this brief review gives an idea of qualitative improvement in the course. The other important point is in respect of students in University Examinations and participation in historical tours. In addition the students actively participate in seminars and other academic work. They are participating in many co-curricular activities like N.S.S. Voluntary Blood Donation. Clean and Green programmes and also in Games and Spots and some students participated in Andhra University Youth Festival - Organized by Andhra University.

Curriculum Activities of the department:

  • Curriculum Activities of the department include seminars, group discussions, quiz programmes, besides regular teaching in the class rooms. Students are encouraged to present their papers on topics of topical interest in history.
  • Evaluation and teaching go hand in hand in teaching, learning process. It is worth while to mention here the department introduced semester system as per the guidelines of the university. In addition there is continuous evaluation by introduction monthly test.
  • Thus a vigorous and sustained action is introduced for the comprehension of the subject matter.


 NAME:Rudrabhatla Sai Kumar
 Designation:Assoc Professor & HOD
 Qualification:MA(History), M.Phil.(History), M.Phil(Education), M.Ed., Ph.D.,
 Experience in Teaching :24 Years
 Contact No:9849711857
 Date of Joining:1992-12-08
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 Designation:Assistant Professor
 Qualification:MA, MPhil. (Ph.D)
 Experience in Teaching :24 Years
 Contact No:9441417546
 Date of Joining:1992-12-08
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 NAME:Dr. Sadamalla Ambedkar Ashok
 Designation:Assoc. Professor
 Qualification:M.A(History), M.A(Economics), L.L.M., Ph.D.
 Experience in Teaching :22 Years
 Contact No:9440143510
 Date of Joining:1994-12-14
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