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Book Collection

A good library is the heart and soul of any educational institution. As such the management has rightly established an excellant library as cenral facility in the third floor of Alaknarayana Gajapathi Block. Its 7,625 Sq.Ft. floor area comprises a reference section, a text book and book bank section, a reading room and a digital library.

The college has procured about 10,180 titles of 25,000 books and is subscribing to various national and international journals, magazines and news papers.

A digital Library with 25 updated systems and internet facility is provided in the central Library, for benefit if students and staff.

The Library is provided with Xerox and reprographic facilities. The Digital Library having 25 computers, provides the internet facility to the students and the Staff.

Periodical Collection

Library works on open access system and remains open from 9:00am to 6:00pm on all working days. The Library provides required information for job seekers. It also provides necessary material for the students to prepare for competitive examinations. A minimum of two sets of text books and important reference books are made available for ready reference to staff and students. Students using Library beyond college working hours are provided with local transport facility.

In addition, the MBA and BBA Department Libraries have a Book Bank facility.

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